What is Microblading?

 Brows on Fleek!!!It doesn't matter if you like them arched and feathered or straight and bold, thinner or thicker eyebrows are arguably the most important facial feature, as also a trent  If you're not happy with the ones you have there's now a very natural option that delivers semi-permanent results at the cost of a natural look. 

Microblading is a semi-permanent make-up technique that leaves you with natural-looking strokes, lookingalike like thin hairs giving you fuller brows. How? The secret lies in a manual pen-like tool with tiny needles. Sounds a bit scary but believe when I say actually, it’s a lot less painful than eyebrow tattoos and will fix the feeling of why one eyebrow always looks better than the other.



‘It puts the finest hairs back into eyebrows producing the best definition and dimension possible,’ says Jade Trapanotto, founder of Beyond the Brows. This procedure ‘It originated in Asia and is also known as brow embroidery. It’s a fantastic treatment for anyone looking to improve or enhance the appearance of their eyebrows.’

The main difference is that the manual pen-like tool is used instead of a permanent make-up machine, so the strokes aren’t blurry. Instead, they truly do look like fine hairs. Even up close. It looks like natural real hair strokes!!

The manual blade penetrates only the very top layer of the skin. And each ‘hair’ is placed individually to create an extremely natural look. People suffering from alopecia, trigonometrical chemotherapy or any other condition that causes hair loss benefit greatly from microblading. As well as people who simply are not happy with their eyebrows shape. Before you get all anxious that you’d end up in pain every time I will pierce your skin, please don’t panic, the pain is not bad at all .

The procedure can only be undertaken only if deemed medically suitable after a consultation when a skin patch test will be undertaken.

If your curiosity is significantly piqued, watch the below video to see for yourself exactly what happens during microblading. It’s a pretty impressive treatment to fix thinning eyebrows.

Find below the video microblading experience of my favorite blogger Carli Bybel.




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