About Me

I am a trained microblading eyebrows specialist and free-lance makeup artist living in Birmingham, UK.

My first encounters with makeup was at the age of 5, when as a child I was using pens and colors to do my dolls makeup. As I got older my aptitudes and passion for makeup led me to start painting acrylic canvases focusing on contouring faces, give the face detailed shape, shadows and color.


As an artist I choose to always be creative, willing to learn more and not to limit my creativity to just one style which reflects in my work variation. It’s always important for me to provide an excellent quality of service hence why I have attended a private tuition clinic and got certified by LVW Clinic.


“Makeup Is My Identity” focuses on proving high quality of makeup service by investigating the psychology of makeup, as wearing on mascara, foundation, lipstick or blush doesn’t just increase how pleasant a woman can feel about her appearance, it has to do with how others can significantly perceive a woman as a personality, an identity. 

The quality of the service provided focuses on always researching new products and as we all are unique individuals I am trying to adapt the makeup to individual identities. Your appointment will be an experience customized based  on your needs ,a flawless result for any special occasion.“Makeup Is My Identity” is a service that will focus on accentuating your natural physical beauty with your inner beauty.

Whatever the occasion, be it a professional shoot, prom,your wedding, or simply a makeover for a night out, it is my responsibility to make the world a more beautiful place with a better version you in it.

I look forward to the opportunity of working together.


Luciana Iosca